Vault Of Valor debut video for new single “Plague Of The Earth”

Band: Vault Of Valor
Song: “Plague Of The Earth”
Release Date: September 14th, 2017

Guitarist Max Mawby comments:

“I just love watching documentaries and after watching a Sir David Attenborough doco called How many people can live on Planet Earth, it inspired the lyrics to the song. The documentary is about world population and the growth of human civilisation outnumbering the number of finite resources we have to sustain such a huge number of people. After the documentary I began researching the topic and found inspiration in a talk given by Albert Bartlett – RIP. On exponential growth it’s listed on YouTube as the most important video you’ll ever see – and I think he raises some very interesting and logical points on the subject. We have been so eager to put this out since releasing our debut EP and I think it shows a step up in song writing ability and creativity – which we wanted to push ourselves with.”


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