Ancient Torment’s Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh EP due next month via Eternal Death; stream “Eve In Estrus”

Official press release:

Under the malevolent glow of an Autumn moon emerges Ancient Torment. Forged in 2016 by guitarist Tormentum (Witch King) in Providence, Rhode Island, three years of careful planning were taken to ensure the triumphant unveiling of the debut EP Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh.

Tormentum forges his riffs in the black fires of tradition, which are then hammered into form by drummer Zealot (Witch King). Ceremonial adornments are inlaid by guitarist TaĆ­no Sangre (Sanguine Moon) and bassist The Corpse (Cemetery Lights), while vocalist Satanist (Bog Of The Infidel) consecrates the steel for the rites of violence and sex in allegiance to Satan. Four impious declarations vomit forth from the shadows, comprising thirty minutes of infernal black metal.

Recorded and mixed by Lykos (Malacath, Hiss) and mastered by Joshua Freemon (Hellgoat), Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh will see release digitally on May 10th via Eternal Death. In advance of its release, Ancient Torment unleashes “Eve In Estrus” for communal ingestion offering of the track:

“An ode. In awe, bleeding and ready to fuck. A handshake with Satan and Death. Intoxicate, fornicate. Stand tall and embrace these earthly pleasures.”

For pre-orders and to hear “Eve In Estrus”, visit the Eternal Death Bandcamp.

Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh track listing:

  1. “Satan’s Legacy Come Flesh”
  2. “Seven Black Keys (Of Damnation)”
  3. “Eve In Estrus”
  4. “A Treasure Squandered”